17 years ago, life was great. Walking through high school things were as normal and expected. In our calm community in Utah everything was great. We were in a bubble. We had simple tasks or homework to think about. My friends and others did what we normally did, we went to class late, we talked about the weekend or after school activities, we did what we did every other day (learn…. I guess without goofing off). Then life changed. America was HIT! Our solemn and powerful nation was jumbled by the poor choices by those that wanted to send a message and those that thought making a difference was by killing people, particularly America (a melting pot of every nation and proactive protector of human life). WTF?! Kill as many as possible and that was a success! WTF again?!

I remember sitting in my classroom and our teacher said we need to watch the news and think about what was going on. Multiple planes, thousands of deaths, major security issues, indescribable acts against what we feel as “safe”. I’m hesitant, I’m questioning my safety, thinking of my family, thinking of what can be next. What do we do? I’m pissed and shocked at the same time. I sat in a room for 12 hours looking at what happened to New York. I’m sick. I’m sad. I’m disappointed in humanity. 17 years later I’m still lost. Why why why?

It’s a tragedy that we will never forget, but will continue to repeat itself in this world unless we all remember what the gift of life is about.

Making sense of things, the hero’s, the hate and those that lost

I watched the recap last night of the terrible things that happened 17 years ago. I cried. I got angry. I felt like it was yesterday. I was proud on top of that. The men and women that sacrificed their lives to help those that were caught in an act of terrorism. The world and us, as a nation, don’t deserve the pain that was given. I understand that this violence happens in other countries every day. How and why? What is the end motive? How does that violence bring an end goal? It doesn’t. It only spurs more hate and suffering.

So we, as a nation, think of all the good lives lost. Either from acts such as 9/11 or in our every day lives. Good people. Great human beings that brought love and inspiration to our lives. Lives that were cut short due to illness or selfless acts. They will never be forgotten. We can do better. We can be better. We can carry on their mission to a better world for our family and friends.

So, to all those that have given their lives or devotion to make my life and others better, I commend you. I appreciate you. I want to be like you. We have a gift as human beings to be strong, be respectful, be honest and kind. We are the human element, we can make a difference. So I only ask one thing, what can you do today that will transform tomorrow?

Written by Notes 2 Heaven

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