It’s been awhile…..

So I have been distant, been pulled back, been out of the story game for a minute. Not by choice, but by responsibility (life has been amazing overall). I love my little man and have devoted more time to him and my beautiful wife than messages. My message still remains clear: I love my family, I want to be better, I want to deliver a message that makes sense, I love everyone around me that makes me better, I want life to be an example that everyone can be proud of! We have a single purpose, so we all have to live it.

So a question or challenge comes to mind: “What do you feel as the biggest challenge in your life?”. Do you feel that you can accomplish what you want in the near future? Do you have the needed support system? Do you have the drive internally to make it happen? What is holding you back? Do you love yourself?

Life if ever changing…

So what, who cares? Are you happy? Do you feel “full”? This is what I live by every day of my life. It’s a constant that I can live by and bring to the to the table. Something that makes everything worth living. The pain, the fun, the hardships that make you as a person to overcome. That is what makes you human. That’s what makes you “whole”. Overcome and conquer your life as you only have one chance.

Embrace the fun, the bad, the pain, the love from family, the struggles that make you appreciate everything around you. Embrace the experience. You have 100 years (if you’re lucky, more realistically 80+) to do something, what do you want to accomplish versus being remembered by? Take control. Make a difference. Donate, volunteer, think of those that have it worse than you. You are not the 1%. There are people that need it more than you! You have breathe and you have drive. Make something of that!

Written by Notes 2 Heaven

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