Friends are Everything

Friends come in many forms: mentors, schoolmates, people to lean on, and more. They help us keep everything real and bring us back to the life we have to live every day (sometimes in a bubble). I am thankful for the friends in my life. Some I see every day, some once a year, others even longer than I would want. But the time together makes it all worth it. After spending close to a week away from work and all the madness I got to see what true friendship is like. The immediate connection, our expanded families, immersive experiences I look forward to every time I see them. They embrace us like we see them every day. They take away our worries and troubles because they care and “want” to be there. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Friendship as a moment of growth

I love my friends and all they do. I would do anything for them. I don’t get to see them that much and that sucks, but everything above answers why I would call them “family” versus just “friends”. They also bring life and love to my family. Spending close to a week with a toddler isn’t easy (especially when he got sick), but they picked up the pieces instantly. They comforted him, they brought him in to the mix with their own kids, they were an extended source of parents when we needed it. We got to play “parents” to their kids when they needed it. I cherish the moments that we have as I see us growing old and watching our kids have the same friendship. It’s something I never had growing up but cherish now that I know my kids have lifelong families, even in different places. Once again, I couldn’t be more grateful. I thank you!

Written by Notes 2 Heaven

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