Mentors & Heroes that Shape Us

There’s so some great things in this world. The times we look back, the times we think of what we have, the times that we feel for someone else. I tear up when I see the experiences when a dad returns from duty to surprise his sons after a year of being across the world. I respect him. I cry for him. I get it. Those are our heroes. They are their heroes! They are the people that create a life for my own child, my own family, my own personal experience. They make my cry and make me happy all day every day. So what do you as a person do to create an experience like that? You don’t have to dedicate your life or put yourself on the line that may involve death. You simply have to be just and kind. Be good, be respectful, be true to the human spirit.

So I cry when I see those things. I cry as I have always had my dad right next to me. I’m lucky. I appreciate that he may be quirky, a rogue bandit, but has always given me guidance and strength. I cry because I care and respect what I have. I take that understanding and point it towards what I have also lost. A great mentor. A great “second Dad” if you will. A driver of humility and compassion. I lost. I seek for a replacement, but know that there will never be one. There will never be. But I respect what I have as most don’t have that. Many struggle for answers and closure. I have a pillar of humanity I can rely on, my dad. I feel for those that don’t. I love my Dad, I love what he does and what he has done for me and my sister, and my Mom.

My Dad, My Mentor, Experiences Driven by Life

My Dad has always been a mirror of my own self-being. He’s tough, he created a business that gave my sister and I a better life, a home that we shared amazing experiences. He lit me up when I was out of line. We butted heads, we utilized my mom as the “peace keeper” during high school cause we agreed to disagree. But he’s my best friend (outside of Ashley today). He was the first employer to fire me (I was lazy). He gave me balance. He also has struggled through life and family. He made me a better person and stronger partner for those I work with. He inspired me with hard work brings great results.

I thank you Dad every day and always.

my dad

Written by Notes 2 Heaven

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