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Break a sweat to better your life

Some people feel that life is just a paycheck. It’s clocking in to do some work and then paying for what you signed up for. That’s not life. That’s not what you were put here to do. You were put here to do something beyond the payments or bills you see every day. You were put here to provide life, provide happiness, provide lessons that you know (good or bad) on to the next person. So break the sweat and contribute to this thing we call life. Work hard. Work smart. Work beyond materialistic things. Work to make a difference. It’s never going to be easy. Life cannot be obtained by chance, unless you are the 1% that get it through those before you. Don’t let that define you if that does happen. No one will respect you unless you give something back. You’ll always be the kid that got too much without ever working for it. So work for it. Break a sweat. Break a personal feeling to drive you to something better. We are all rich. Some more than others materialistically, but in heart and spirit it takes work to make us spiritually rich. Remember that and that you have the ability to “break a sweat” doing something impactful.

Prioritize YOU

You are your world. You are the simplest metric to define what you can contribute to others. You are the center of your universe. Your body, your mind, your spirit. You are the only thing you can control. Those 3 things identify what you can contribute to the outside world. So take that seriously.  Take your health through mind, body, and spirit seriously. If you have complications, change them. If you have health issues, fix them or take action. If you have spiritual beliefs, take them to your actions that effect others in a positive way. That’s your identity in this life. Know who you are, know who you are not. Prioritize the body you were created to use. Prioritize your mind. You make choices that you and others rely on. You are the driver in a very fast-paced world.

Written by Notes 2 Heaven

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