Disappointment…..it happens. What can you learn from that? What can you make better? What can you choose to change in your regular life? That’s all about you. Whether it be a poor performance in your job or a lack of self-esteem. That happens. You have the opportunity to make a difference for YOU. It’s you that matters most as it reflects on those around you. You impact those around you. You impact the changes internally and push those on others around you. It’s your choice to make a positive impact. Don’t disappoint yourself. Don’t disappoint the world you have control over. Make a difference.

Light the fire

Do yourself a favor. Make a positive impact on someone or something that you can control. Light the fire within your spirit to make life about something more than what’s in front of you. What drives you? What makes you feel special? It can be donating to a great cause. It can be giving a few cents to the change bin at the checkout. It can be giving a dollar to the homeless on the side of that off ramp you see every day. Make yourself feel better. Make yourself feel thanks for being a good person. Make a difference even when it isn’t respected or reciprocated. You have the choice.

I continuously have the opportunity to be part of something bigger. Its not money. Its not more business deals. Its giving back from my success to do my best. That gets me going and also makes me reflect on what I have today. I earn to make the life of my child and family better. So when it comes to what you have today light the fire within yourself. Can you be better? Can you change one thing to improve someone else’s life? Can you live with your disappointments? Can you live with your failures? Can you light that “fire”? You can! Humanity is based on the principle of making things happen. Making things be better. Makings things last a lifetime. It is possible. Small things can generate big things. It’s all about the fire within yourself. It’s all about the “cause” that drives us. You have that. You have what it takes. Don’t take yourself or your fire for granted.

Written by Notes 2 Heaven

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