What do you expect to do within your time on this earth? What do you expect from others in your life that can impact your thoughts and processes? Is it family life? Is it being a friend? Is it being a source of truth that someone else can rely on? Is it listening in and making a recommendation? What is “it”?

“It” Is the center of your core. It’s your humanity, your selflessness, your compassion, your memory.

Expectations are driven by what you see or what you feel that you “should have”. I’ve felt this way and I always wondered what my life would be if my parents were millionaires. I fantasized. I dreamed beyond my means. I even lived beyond my means, in real life. I now pay the prices of that. Debt. Payments. Responsibilities. That was all a fad or misbelief on what I should be doing or be in the eyes of those around me. I failed.

I was an idiot and I now look at what my expectations should truly be (if I only had a time machine….). Be smart, work hard, make a difference, be present in your space, and most importantly show that you can be a benefit to the world. I struggled to make a life outside of Utah even though Utah would’ve been a sound financial move. I could’ve continued the steady path to a great life. BUT, I took a chance on making a stance that I could dream beyond where I began. I wanted to see what wasn’t promised or expected. I will never regret that choice. I met great people. I began a life journey with someone that I would give everything for, my wife Ashley. I joined a family that showed no prejudice or judgement other than my character. They brought me in with open arms. I have friends and relationships that I never would have found in Utah. I gave life. I have more responsibility. I have an opportunity to shape the next generation, even though it’s a small piece of the world. I have family. I never expected family other than my parents and sister. I never expected to be a source of love beyond myself. But it happened. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Expectation cannot define you. You alone can define what you expect of yourself.

Written by Notes 2 Heaven

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