Joy and Life’s Celebrations

You need to celebrate your life. Whether you’re sick or healthy you have a chance to breathe, to live, to see the next day. That gives us purpose. That gives us feeling that we have something to do or provide to someone else. There are a ton of things that can limit your joy. It’s the pain, it’s the cancer, it’s the hurt you feel from jeopardizing your ongoing spirit. Your spirit reflects on everyone around you. You have a bad and good. You need to satisfy each to make a difference internally and externally. Both play hand in hand. So celebrate life. Celebrate that you are on this earth and living whether it be good or bad.

A Deep dive in the Water

Think of this: When you dive into the pool or the ocean you become subjected to the surroundings. You have less control. You have the ability to listen. To hear the millions of things that surround you. It can be the sound of the waves, the breathes that keep you alive in that moment, the splashes of happiness of those around you. You have time to reflect. You have dived in to the water that provides clarity. Think of water like life. It’s an ecosystem of living things. You need to take a break and listen to the millions or exponential things around you. We are a small speck on a planet that spans thousands of years, BUT you can take the time to make something special. There’s a reason why a fraction of people have created opportunities that make your life better. Electricity, airplanes, cars, running water, air quality, technology. Those things were brought by a being’s choice to make a difference and make life easier for others. Life isn’t supposed to be easy by the way. These are bonuses. These are things that someone chose to do to lead to a better life success.

Life through the water 

I’ve talked about this before, but I see the opportunity and clarity that came through death. Water, as said before creates clarity. It removes the outside “noise” and creates a moment to think of what you are at that specific time. It’s your time. It’s also a time that can make you think. You have to think, listen. Cold, warm, fun, whatever it’s a time for things to happen. It’s also something that cannot be controlled. It’s a life-less experience. I think back on being part of the experience when one of my heroes lost his life in this “experience”.  He didn’t choose that place. He didn’t expect nor want to go to the next level in that place. BUT I feel that was a sign of clarity. It was a place that the world didn’t create noise and he was peaceful. Through struggle and pain, I feel that there was clarity and calm that made the journey to next life “peaceful”. It’s a feel of “floating away”. Sadly, he floated away beyond our reach. He took a moment unexpectedly to drift across the vast ocean that surrounds all of us. He made peace with the world around him. That’s a sad but magical thing. Water surrounds all of us and brings us life. It was in those last moments that his spirit chose to part ways with the physical world and become part of something more. He was fluid with his thoughts. He was ever changing much like the waves of the ocean. He was at peace with the sand, the water, and the wind that makes our planet live and breathe. His spirit made a choice. You have that choice too either in spirit or physical.

Written by Notes 2 Heaven

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