Remembering the Best

Throughout life we all have those that shaped us, molded our feelings, created models that we would one day follow and fulfill. They are our mentors. They can be physical mentors we see every day but also those we find through books, tv, or some other source. But they change and mold you to who you are today and who you may become. So, who is your mentor? Your spiritual source?  I know mine.

In 2014, I lost one of the most amazing people that have graced this earth. He was kind. He was compassionate. He was family oriented. He was a great leader. He was understanding. He was fun. He was always open to change and took the high road at all time. He was a legend. He gave me everything from day one. He never judged me. He gave me his daughter whole heartedly. He chose me to send him to the afterlife. I miss him every day.

greg eveloff in maui

Some things can never be expressed. Your love, your every moment with someone else. Life will go on. The world will continue to change as new life is created and old lives end. It sucks, but that’s life. Cherishing those moments are what create your legacy. Our moment in time is what makes us special. It’s also what makes others remember us for what we offered to the world we all have to continue living in.

greg eveloff

Remembrance is key. People suffered, loved, lived before you could take your first breathe. Remember that. The greats and inspirational people before us sacrificed something to give you a better life. They should be remembered as the source of your being, but more importantly the life values you follow. Greg Ira Eveloff was and will forever be my source of human will, passion, drive, selflessness. He was and will forever be my hero.

Written by Notes 2 Heaven

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