Saying Goodbye and Reflection

In the story of life you have 80-100 years to make a difference, create family, create life, navigate good and bad times. That’s life. You aren’t going to live forever. You aren’t going to accomplish everything you wanted to.  But we always return to saying goodbye to those we love. Those we looked up to and struggle to compete against and those that we didn’t know but want to be. They are the identifiers that we live by in our early stages. They are our heroes/mentors/etc. They form our personal goals.

So what happens when they say goodbye for the last time? They take that next step to the other side of life and leave you to complete the path. They were the foundation. What do you take from that experience? What do you do to expand their mission? Do you stop, reflect, and sit within your current day to day? What do you do? No one but you can answer that….


I personally struggle talking about past experiences, but feel they are important. I was introduced to someone that took life to the next level. He thought of family as most important, but took an extra step to engage with those that didn’t have what he had, or couldn’t achieve what he accomplished (it all takes time). He created his own path with struggle, so be clear it wasn’t given. He hustled and worked hard. He gave back even though he didn’t have to. Kids, families, struggling people that couldn’t do it on their own, he took responsibility as a human and dedicated time to make their lives better. He was a super hero. He continues to be my hero. Sadly I held my super hero as he faded off to the sky.

Written by Notes 2 Heaven

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