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Sleeping is your chance to live beyond your means

How awesome is it to dream? To be within yourself and do things you would never do in real life. It’s pretty bad ass to feel that type of power and ability. In the longer term you have to come back. You have to assume that everything you dreamed was fantasy and beyond your ability on this earth. You woke up. That’s real. You have a slight sense of freedom to fly, to jump off buildings, to be bad without consequence, to be everything you wish you want to be. Again, that was a dream and it’s simply a factor of your brain that sees opportunity, but the path to achieve that isn’t fantasy. You have to work. You have to believe that dreams can come true when you put in the work. We have one life. One purpose. Regardless if you believe it or not, your dreams define what you want to be. So go after them. Be better. Be a stronger person that doesn’t have to be superman to get to the next level. Be that shining star in your kid’s life that they believe as the super hero we all want to be. Be special.

Dictating your life

Life is all about choices. It’s one step in front of the other. It’s looking to the sky while the breeze brushes your shoulders. It’s about listening to the billions of organisms around you. Whether you like It or not there are things you can do better. Be better, make better choices, think of your impact. Think of those around you. How do they view you? How do you view them?

Life is a matter of choices that you get to dictate. You can be a hated piece of crap. You can be the bigger brother your sister looks up to. You can be the son or daughter your parents always wanted. You can be the teammate that everyone can rely on. What do you want to dictate? It’s all choice. It’s the positives you take through life, it’s also the bad moments that you learn from. Those are defining moments. Those are moments that you can use in the future. They define you. They define your character. How do you dictate your life’s choices?

Written by Notes 2 Heaven

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