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Some days work better than others (the what, who, and why)

What do you look forward to? Who do you look up to? Who you choose to live up to, living or not? Why do you give thanks? That’s where you can look back on your life to feel good, feel respected, feel whole in some way that makes others understand your willingness to make a difference. Looking back on your life at 30, did you ever think that you would want a hero? You want to be a hero? Maybe not. Maybe yes. Fictional, or in real life. Not talking about cartoons or some movie you watched over the weekend, but more importantly the person(s) that made a difference in your life. What did you see in them that you admired? What qualities did you pick up on that you now spread to those around you? There are those days of thought and recollection. Days to diagnose what you did right versus what you did wrong. Yes, there will be more wrong than right. That’s you being human. It’s the learning beyond those bad days that make you who you are. That’s your choice. It’s your approach to channeling the hero within you. It’s your super power. It’s your willingness to change and be part of the human “element”. That’s what we do. That’s what you can do better. Pain, love, thanks, sadness, fame, success, and more and more. What does that mean to you?

Written by Notes 2 Heaven

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