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This little thing called “life” Children playing on summer sunset happy time - Children playing on summer sunset happy time Full view

This little thing called “life”

This little thing we call life is taxing. You can live with the feeling that you should be better, you should be more successful, you should be a better person. Stop that shit! I wish I could be a better husband, make more money, make more time, be more in touch with friends, yadda yadda the list goes on. You can dream of being better or plan on it, but something always gets in the way. Unless you focus on yourself (while being a better person) nothing will ever change. Those “what-ifs” are always “why-nots”.  You can’t make it happen unless you prioritize you. That doesn’t mean you drop family or friends by the waist-side, but you have to be happy to share happy. Sharing happiness is what makes us, as humans, be compassionate, respected, loved, cared for, cry when there are terrible things thousands of miles away, it’s the human “element”.  Compassion is what binds us together close or far, big or small. It’s your human element.

Being the mortar that holds things together  

You don’t have to be the “tough man”, you don’t have to be the “strongest person in the house”, you don’t have to be the “non-emotional stronghold that keeps the family together”. Just be you. You have to take experiences and learn from them. You are you, you will always be you. Things never work out perfect, they never play out the way we want them to. That’s the funny thing about life. It’s unpredictable.

So, go and hate yourself, it won’t change life’s plan. You can also love yourself

You can hate yourself. You can hate things you have done for a long time. You can also love yourself and share that with everyone around you. Do you love the smallest thing in your life? Maybe its driving to work alone and listening to music. Maybe it’s that moment of clarity when you see the sunset on the horizon? Maybe it’s the time you take a breath and are happy to be alive. Maybe it’s the smile on your favorite person’s face? Trust me, there’s plenty of people around me that have had more impact than I ever will. They showed love in times when it went against their beliefs. There are people that I watched pass away that had so much more to give. They made choices, even outside of their control, to bring happiness to others. They did it by being selfless, by enjoying the “moment” no matter the situation. They remembered and focused on what made others happy. It’s the human element to feel “compassion” for owned outcomes and those you cannot control, but know makes others happy. That’s the joy of life.

So why should you hate yourself? You shouldn’t. You can, but that leads to a dead end. It’s a path that you can work upon. It’s a path that can drive you to being satisfied (at the basic sense) to making you not hating you. You should enjoy the fact that you have hinderances and self-doubts, but have the capability to make a difference in your life and those around you. With every disappointment is a chance to make it better. With every failed opportunity one positive will come about…..as long as you believe it can happen. So stop hating yourself, start loving the life you have. People have it much worse than you. You have opportunity. You can always make it better. You have the choice

Written by Notes 2 Heaven

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