Where We Began

Life as a young “go for everything” type of child I knew that I could create trouble, be a mischievous wild man. My parents didn’t like that. I don’t blame them. I disappeared without notice. That cannot happen in today’s world. I remember getting ready for school and sneaking out to ride skateboards on my butt using my socks as the brakes. I went to school with holes in my socks. I was crazy. I also snuck out when we were moving to our new home to build a snow fort in my neighborhood friend’s backyard. That fort collapsed, and it became serious situation. My friend was ok after digging and digging. My mom was pissed. I don’t blame her. She was and has always been my protector. She always looked to where I was. I was crazy, but she is always there for me.

So that brings a great topic. Our parents bring something of understanding and protection throughout our lives. They care. They struggled to create us and they make things work. I think of that being a father now. I want everything for my little man. Cruz is the absolute best thing that has ever come in to my life, beyond my love for his mom. She is his rock. She takes pride in providing everything he needs and wants. I love her for that. The beginning of life is what shapes us as adults and members of this thing we call life. Mothers are where it begins.

my mom keena ludwig

Written by Notes 2 Heaven

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